48th International Symposium on Hydraulic Engineering Aachen

6th Symposium “Security of Dams, Dikes and Reservoirs”

D3 - Revetments, dikes and dams

18th / 19th January 2018

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The conference contributions from the previous symposia are available here.


Technical flood protection is and remains a fundamental tool of flood risk management. Revetments, dikes and dams are important elements of the technical flood protection. In this context, the knowledge and understanding of all impacts on revetments, dikes and dams in case of a flood event is one major objective, as well as to make these constructions more resistant against extreme loads and to identify damages due to floods as early as possible.



Dennewartstr. 25-27
52068 Aachen

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For the evening of 18th January 2018 we plan a social get-together in the Katholische Hochschulgemeinde (Pontstraße 72, 52062 Aachen) OpenStreetMap. Tickets can be purchased during the coffee breaks at our conference office (foyer TZA).

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